hey good people of the internet. welcome.
my name is aneta and i like avocados
send some to my e-mail anetacamova@gmail.com
or not.
it was nice to meet you
Eastern Europe

w/here i grew up.

Take a walk with me to the edge of the worl.., I mean Europe. Sorry
housing systems // suburbanisation

w/here i grew up.

Series of illustrations inspired by my childhood landscape.
things that were left in empty space

A few illustration that I did not categorise

Because I do not like categorisation. And I love to watch space documentaries
oh those kids today

meet my imaginary friends

They sleep a lot and have various hobbies, some are more real than the others. but who knows Whatˇs real, right. What if I just want to sell you insurance?
graphic design
few of my recent / favourite graphics I did in past two years. Wanna see more, visit my Behance or my portfolio at Behance!
I made some websites, you can visit where I also used my illustrations

Link to my CV.

I am open to all kinds of cooperations. I also worked as a riksha driver/fresh-juice-bar-tender/interpreted during the heart operation and know a lot about universe and dairy production.
That´s all.
thanks for visit
if you are intrested, see more down here
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save your time

safe way home